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his is the ultimate camping vehicle! There is a working stove, a working sink, a refrigerator and even a furnace in this van! The stove works and you can see it light up in the video below for this van. The sink works by pumping the hand pump, and if it is connected to electricity there is an electric pump for the sink as well (I only tried the hand pump during my inspection as we weren't near a place that had RV hookup). The roof of this van pops up so you get the advantage of full headroom plus the advantage of better gas mileage verses a "high top" camper (one that is always tall). The roof pops up high enough that even a 6 foot tall person can stand inside without hitting their head on the ceiling! The top works with a compressor but the compressor isn't functioning. But the top can be raised manually. A new or rebuilt compressor should get the top working automatically again. The hydraulic system still looks complete. What a cool system!